Is X Ray Machine Safe For Us?

dental x ray machine

X Ray Machine – Show Us That Beautiful Smile!

Did you know that 76% of people don’t smile when photographed, because they hate their smiles?

A couple of decades ago, people used to visit the dentist on routine consults and whenever they felt tooth pain or discomfort. Nowadays modern dentistry has developed and there are dental intervention meant to improve and embellish one’s dentition.

Dental treatments as whitening methods, crowns and veneers, lumineers, cosmetic gum reshaping, anything is possible. There are no limits in changing the color and the shape of the teeth. The popularity of orthodontic surgery and cosmetic dentistry grew over the years in this struggle of the humanity to look better. But this boom also means that more and more people had and will have to take X rays.

Few Tips for Safety Exposure to an X Ray Machine

A reliable high class dental health clinic has at least one staff member in charge with monitor radiation. He or she will gladly answer any of your questions regarding X rays exposure. Although, here are some helpful tips for decreasing the risk of radiation when exposing to a X ray machine:

  • Don’t do X ray if you don’t really have to, don’t make them regularly if your dental health is good and if your dentist asks you to, find out why they are necessary.
  • Always keep a copy after making them, that way you can give it to a new dentist in case of change. If you keep a note of them you can monitor the degree of your exposure.
  • Use a fix-payment scheme to be sure not to pay extra for them, so if there is no extra fee they won’t suggest you do them unless necessary, having nothing to gain from extra services.
  • Try to find a low exposure X ray machine, the best are the digital ones.
  • When it comes to children exposure, if it’s not absolutely necessary to have them, postpone the procedure until after 15.

X Ray Machine – Precautions

Regarding the precautions you can take when you are actually in the X ray room, the specialists have different opinions.

In the U.S., X ray staff give the patient a plastic thyroid collar lined with lead to put around the neck for protecting the thyroid. But the European specialists say that this practice is wrong and the shield only scatters the radiation into the rest of the body.

They, however, agree that collimated machines are the best from the radiation exposure point of view lowering the risk of radiation scattering to minimum. They are used in modern medicine and use a flexible arm with the possibility to be placed over the exact area of interest.

These tests are useful for detecting the early signs of decay, so, there is a frail balance between the risk of radiation and the danger posed by dental problems and remember, good dentists ask you to do only essential tests with the X ray machine.

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